The Chance To Be Heard

September 8, 2014 at 7:05 pm

gengapMuch has been said about the generation gap between the older “baby boomers” and the younger “millenials”. Truth be told, perceived gaps or opposite perspectives between generations have always existed. There has been a tendency for the older crowd to stick to the traditions, philosophies and realities they have gotten used to during their time, while the younger one tend to explore and embrace changes.

Conflict is almost unavoidable when you have two or more competing schools of thought battling it out in different venues of public discourse and interaction, whether it is in the community, academe, business, and even the home. There are advantages and disadvantages to both the progressive and change-intensive ways of the young, and the traditional, conservative standards of the old.

But should this conflict hinder progress and development, or is there a way we can harness both elements and combine them for better results? Successful organizations and entities have found a way to balance their core values and traditions with the changing patterns and trends of modern times. On the other hand, those that have chosen extremes of tradition or modernity have too often limited themselves too much to even become relevant.

Take a moment to think about your favorite fast food restaurant, and try to remember its menu choices from a few years ago or your childhood. Are the menu items exactly the same as before? Most likely, while they have retained much of their core offerings and established products, they have also phased out others that have not been as successful, while introducing newer food items that are the trend in the industry these days.

This same principle goes with recording artists in the music industry. The biggest names and top-sellers have evolved over the years in order to reflect changing listening preferences and tastes. Now that electronic dance music is all the rave among younger listeners, you see established music acts in other genres delving into EDM as well in order to adapt and reach out to the market, all without necessarily abandoning their original style.

For the younger people, it is important to listen to the opinions, perspectives, and insights of their elders. Older people have been through more, so they have more experiences to share and lessons to impart. Because of the changing times, not everything they espouse may necessarily be useful for today’s generation, but most can certainly be adapted and become valuable lessons for millenials.

gengap2If you have older people or seniors in your daily circle or sphere of influence, grab this opportunity to communicate with them, learn from them, and find out what insights they can give you about the world back then and how different it is from today. This is a chance for you to grow wiser and have a deeper understanding of the industry or community you are in. Look into ways to constantly stay in touch with your elders, such as buying the best cell phone for seniors like these ones for easy access and mobility. Be considerate and keep in mind that seniors have needs different than that of the younger generation, so it’s safe to say that the best cell phone for seniors would be the simplest one to use.

The best listeners become the best leaders. If your goal is to be the leader in your career, occupation, or any other endeavor, you should also take stock of what elders have to say, listening to their wisdom in order to apply their best practices in your own life.