The Keys to Effective Leadership

September 8, 2014 at 7:54 pm

leaderLeadership can be defined in so many ways. For some, whenever the word “leader” comes up, what usually comes to mind is a well-dressed person giving orders to a lot of people. For others, leaders are mentors who didn’t even acknowledge themselves as such, but have gone to great efforts to ensure that everyone’s united goal has been reached.

Strategies to effective leadership have continually been analyzed and debated upon. Questions of which technique works better to give great results have been discussed endlessly. Future leaders should read up and learn how to handle teams to ensure that he is respected. Here are the keys on how to become an effective leader:


  1. Constantly Communicate With Your Team

Constant communication is key to any relationship, and your team wouldn’t be any different. Start with ensuring that you have the same end goal. An effective leader listens to his team and wins their trust. Be open to their ideas and their take on things. It will give you new perspective.

Note that not all communication should be done through email, especially the urgent ones. If you have to elaborate on a point, pick up a phone and call. Though an email with the instructions may be sent, it will be easier for questions and points to be exchanged when you talk to each other freely.


  1. Encourage Creative Thinking

Once people have been inspired by your vision, they can come up with ideas on how to make it work, or better yet, how to improve it. Consider their suggestions. Stimulate possible creative concepts by discussing further topics or going to new places. When people loosen up and think differently, new ideas are bound to come in. Teach them to utilize different communication and learning platforms like the Internet and Cable TV to find inspiration. Comcast provides both services and in case that you’ll have trouble using them, call the Comcast phone number immediately.


  1. Instill Self-Confidence

A leader is not a faceless figure handing out to-do lists to his team. An effective leader helps the team develop both as individuals and as members of the team.  This will involve constant communication, as well as coaching and mentoring. Appreciate what they have done for the team so far. Positive feedback goes a long way. Team members who feel good about themselves and what they do perform better at their tasks, and are even willing to take the initiative to take it to the next level.


  1. Delegate Tasks Appropriately

It reiterates to them that you trust that they can handle the job, a return of the trust they give you for leading them. You weren’t given your team because you can do it alone. These people are there to help you. It may not be easy to put the responsibility of execution to someone else, but delegating the smaller tasks makes it easier for you to see the bigger picture.


  1. Focusing on The Goal

As mentioned above, the first thing you communicate with your team is your vision and end goal. As you continue your project however, you may lose sight of what’s important, this bigger picture, as the tedious details bog you down.

Coordination then is important to make sure that everyone has the same focus and direction. Leaders should be great team players and consistent in his direction. The more credible you are, the more people will follow you.


There are a lot more ways on how to become an effective leader, but it all boils down to these five keys. It is not necessary for you to be best friends with the people you work with, but wouldn’t it be more fun if it were so? When you share the same goal with people and all of you are driven to accomplish it, you can accomplish anything.