How to Decrease Our Carbon Footprint

September 27, 2014 at 5:09 pm

rainbowClimate change isn’t a myth anymore. It’s happening at this very moment, and it’s a phenomenon that is already starting to be felt by our generation. With all the altered weather patterns that cause disruptions to daily life, it’s worrisome to think how drastically it will affect the next.

One of the leading causes of this change is the carbon pollution caused by everyday human activities. The effects, such as devastating storms, melting icebergs and massive tornados might seem too large-scale for individuals to solve. Fortunately, there is a way to help.

One person alone cannot stop these cataclysmic events from happening, but there are a few steps you can take to help improve the Earth’s situation for future generations to come:


1. Unplug

It’s true that we can’t disconnect from our gadgets completely because they’re already necessary in our professions and in our way of communication. However, what you can do is make sure that once we finish charging, we unplug it out of the socket. If you leave it plugged while you aren’t using it, it still takes up energy that could be put to use somewhere else. You can even save up to $100 according to the US Department of Energy if you make it a habit to unplug unused chargers. You can read this article which main intention is to serve as a guide on how to compute for the amount of energy saved if you make it a habit to unplug.


2. Go For Public Transport

You can even carpool. The carbon dioxide emission in each car is so huge, that using one car instead of two or three can help save so much energy. Riding the train or bus to work will also lessen the number of cars on the road. Educate yourself more about the benefits of carpooling by visiting this page.


3. Choose Your Appliances

Much like telecommunications accessories, there are appliances we have in our home that are necessary to daily living. Unfortunately, some of them use a lot of energy. So if you’re choosing what to buy in the appliance store, pick energy-efficient appliances.

Adjusting thermostat can also save money on your electric bills, as well as turning it off when you’re not home. Put your curtains at use, too. Leave them open during cold days to let in sunlight, and close them at night to keep in the warmth.


4. Shop Online

How can shopping help the earth? Well, buying local, or shopping in cyberspace will. Think of how much energy is actually used with the transportation of your food from the farm, as well as when you go to different stores to shop. Solution: Buy from the nearby shops, or just call them. This is one way that you can minimize your fuel expenses. Delivery trucks make the most of their trips so you know they’re using their fuel efficiently.

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5. Plant a Tree

We don’t just mean that in the literal sense, but metaphorically as well. Yes you should participate in tree-planting activities that help our forests, because just one decade-old tree can support the oxygen needs of two human beings. However, saving the world is not a one-time thing. It is a lifetime of planting seeds of knowledge to the people you meet.


Inform others of the dangers of apathy. If there are more people who act now, there will be lesser people who suffer in the future.

These are just five steps you can take, but there are more ways to help. Take part in saving the world today, and ensure a happier tomorrow.